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Red Herring Features

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Email Template Library

Choose from our library of email templates for various phishing emails such as spear phishing, social engineering, spoofing, online scams, and credential harvesting.

Red Herring Dashboard on Laptop
Red Herring Dashboard

Advanced Metrics

Our metrics allow you to see which users clicked on a phishing link and to dive into the history of a particular user or group of users. These metrics also include which users attempted to log-in to a simulated phishing site, viewed a training video and completed the optional user awareness quizzes.

Accelerate your organization's cyberawareness education program with Red Herring, full-featured phishing simulation software.

  • Keep your organization safe and resilient against phishing and other social engineering attacks
  • Easily identify employees susceptible to phishing emails
  • Enhance user awareness training with videos and custom quizzes
  • Flexible reporting: drill-down dashboards indicating the effectiveness of campaigns, including user response metrics

Red Herring Features

Advanced Metrics

A full-featured phishing training and analytics platform.

Easy to Use

Easily create phishing campaigns from an ever-growing library of templates.


Users can create their own custom email and landing page templates.

User Import

Synchronize users from Azure, Active Directory and Google G-Suite.

Expert Backed

Fully supported by the SDCOE Cybersecurity team.

Education Focused

Created for K-12, by K-12 professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

More Information

Yes. Red Herring is hosted at the San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) Data Center and you will only need to import your users in order to start sending them simulated phishing emails.

County Offices of Education (COEs) will have the functionality to set up sub-accounts for multiple school districts and/or schools and allow them a specific number of users.

SDCOE will need a memorandum of understanding from your COE or district superintendent, and staff from your IT leadership team would need to meet with the SDCOE Cybersecurity team. There may be an annual subscription fee required. Please contact the SDCOE Cybersecurity team for further info.

Red Herring Domains

Red Herring, our simulated phishing platform, is used exclusively for internal security awareness training by our valued customers. Red Herring allows employees to practice identifying and reporting phishing attempts in a safe, controlled environment. This includes social engineering, spear phishing, whaling and BEC compromise attempts. We utilize the domains listed below for these training exercises. These domains are registered and secured for this sole purpose and do not pose any malicious threat. We inform our customers of these safelisted domains in advance to ensure they are not mistakenly flagged or blocked.

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The SDCOE Cybersecurity Team can give you a live demo of Red Herring and an overview of its features. We can also discuss how Red Herring will work in your specific IT/organizational environment. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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